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Innervision Coaches

The Directors of innervision are Gary King and Jenny Field.  Both are certified NLP coaches.  The practice works in association with other coaches who have all received training designed to meet the professional criteria laid down by the International Coach Federation.

Gary King

In his corporate life Gary had over twenty years experience at Director level and was the CEO of a company employing 2,500 people and turnover of £325 million.  He has worked in the UK, France, and Australia.

As CEO Gary had an external coach, sparking his passion for using coaching for personal development and achieving particular business outcomes.

Jenny Field

Jenny has twenty years experience of working at Director level within the charitable and not for profit sector.  Prior to setting up her own business she worked as Corporate Services Director for Notting Hill Housing Group and HR Director for Look Ahead.  She worked on assignment to Cancer Research UK as Executive Director of Organisational Development.

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We have over forty years combined direct leadership experience in blue chip companies